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About Our Boutique

East Coast Bridals was established in 2015 by Irene Jameson who has been a seamstress for thirty years in the Jupiter area. Over the years of working with brides and taking care of their needs,  Irene decided it was time to follow her dreams of having her own bridal boutique. 

At East Coast Bridals we take pride in our boutique services by being consistently accessible to our clients and offering a comfortable and casual atmosphere. Our stylists take a one-on-one approach to help you find your dream dress and creating the best shopping experience for you and your family. 

What We Provide


Wedding Gowns

We offer a wide array of wedding dresses made by today’s top designers. Helping you look amazing on that special day is our specialty! Give us a call or request an appointment online.



In our boutique, we carry an assortment of accessories including veils, bridal belts, and jewelry. Accessory shopping does require an appointment as well!

Tips for Shopping

Do Your Research

Explore our website and take a look at our designers. Browse our Instagram for new arrivals, featured brides, and special events. 

Come Prepared

We suggest going light on makeup and self tanner (please no red lipstick). You are welcome to wear a bra if you would like but they are usually not needed. You can also bring shoes if you like but they are better left off.

Keep an Open Mind

We recommend starting with about five gowns. You will learn more about what you really want by trying on different styles first. Once you have tried on a few, your stylist can pick through the inventory to find the perfect match. The dress you fall in love with might not have been what you had in mind, and that only makes it extra special.

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Request Appointment

Please see our Boutique Details before requesting an appointment to make sure we are the right fit.


Once you have decided you would like to request an appointment, head to our appointments page to find your bridal experience package. 

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